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MJ Commercial Cleaning LLC,
Cleaning You Can Trust!

How our cleaning company started...

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We are a family-owned and operated commercial cleaning business serving Cedar Rapids, Iowa and the Corridor Region.  We even clean as far as Des Moines and Fairfield, Iowa.  We started this commercial cleaning business to offer a personal touch of quality cleaning and communication to the cleaning industry.   When you contact MJCC you get an actual owner on the phone or at the other end of an email/text to speak with.  We interview and hire our janitorial staff personally and are involved in every aspect of our business from cleaning to payroll.  We provide cleaning you can trust! 

Our cleaning
Story, continued...

Jacy Ahmed is a former K-12 teacher in Cedar Rapids, and husband Mohamed is an immigrant from Sudan.  In 2015 they decided to start a side hustle cleaning for businesses in the Corridor Area.  The work started to pile up and they were able to make this commercial cleaning gig into a full-time business.  They grew from cleaning two hair salons by themselves, to doing commercial cleaning for 17 different businesses in Cedar Rapids; Iowa City; North Liberty; Marion; Fairfield and even Des Moines. MJCC now has 27 janitorial employees cleaning for them daily. Jacy and Mohamed remain involved in the day-to-day operations such as training, hiring and client services in their commercial cleaning business. 


Cleaning in the Bathroom

OUr Janitorial staff 

Our janitorial staff are hired by the owners, Jacy and Mohamed Ahmed and most contact them because they know current janitors already working for the company.  It speaks volumes when current janitorial staff recruit coworkers as it demonstrates a sense of pride in the company. MJ Commercial Cleaning LLC strives to start their janitorial staff at a higher hourly wage than their competitors in the cleaning industry.  MJCC is dedicated to hiring staff that will stay for the long haul. 

Our vision at MJ Commercial Cleaning LLC is to give employees the chance to help maintain quality and communication above the typical cleaning industry standards.  By being paid better and having a say in how tasks can best be completed, our janitorial staff sticks with us.  Our goal is to one day, with growth, offer our janitors the chance to earn percentages of profits through quality supervision and attainment of accounts.  

At MJCC not all of our accounts require background checks and for this reason we are able to hire staff that are struggling to find employment forgiving of past violations; We believe in second chances.  


 Commercial Cleaning

We provide cleaning for every type of business there is: retail; 

offices; churches; malls; banks; retail spaces; warehouses; schools; stadiums; clinics; hair salons; daycares, restaurants and more!

Rental Turnovers and Interior Painting

Every summer we offer apartment cleaning for hundreds of apartment turnovers in Iowa City, North Liberty and Cedar Rapids.   We also clean rental properties and houses on the market as needed throughout the year for realtors and property managers. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning, Residential 


We can zap away all that lint and debris between your dryer and the outside in under 75 minutes!!!!  

Our Cleaning Services


"MJ Commercial Cleaning isn't just a service provider but a valued partner of the YMCA.  They consistently meet or exceed our high expectations to provide a clean facility for our members.  Partnering with them has turned complaints into compliments."

--Steve Dolezal, Metro YMCA, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

"When you interact with MJCC owners, it's easy to understand why reputable businesses trust them.  They are pleasant professionals who have a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction that permeates the entire organization" 

--Mike Schulte, The Gazette CR 

"Our friends at MJ Commercial Cleaning LLC came and cleaned our dryer vent, this is just a small sample of the icky crap that came out. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs and this seriously needed done". 

--Susan Petersmith, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Dryer vent debris removed

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